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(online review on Wow! I can't believe how incredibly happy I am with my wedding photos. First off, my husband and I started out with some pretty off the wall Engagement pictures. My husband is in film school so we decided to do movie themes at a warehouse that houses old movie sets, Movie Sets Venue in Slidell. He totally understood what we were going for and was able to capture everything we wanted. And the wedding pictures!!! I am not one for traditional posed pictures and I had discussed this with Marc. I wanted pictures that caught the moment and the feel of the night. He did just that. I was so pleased and am so glad in a city with so many photographers I chose Marc.

Cody Morgan

First off, the pictures are incredible! I don't think I could have asked for better quality. The way you took such a short and simple wedding and portrayed it as the important event that it was to us is simply amazing. We were both in another wedding this past weekend. I haven't dealt with many wedding photographers in my life but your skills are worth 10x what you charge after dealing with the guy last week. I honestly never knew you were there except when you were telling Suzy and I how to cut the cake (ha!). Anyway, I don't know if that came out as a compliment, but it definitely was intended to be. Anyway, thanks again for all your hard work and roughing it up in Springhill with limited Wifi.

Sincerely, Taylor Smith

Hi, Marc.
We just wanted to tell you how pleased we are with the wedding proofs. You managed to capture the feelings of the evening, which is exactly what we wanted in our wedding photos. We particularly love the images of us dancing together, the kids being kids, and Andrew's aunts cutting a rug like there's no tomorrow. You also managed to get Andrew dancing with each of his grandmothers. Although we haven't ordered real prints yet, we already cherish those. We're looking forward to receiving notice that Pictage has our proofs posted. We will be sharing the link with god and everyone, not to mention placing a good-sized order ourselves. Thank you again for your time and for lending your fantastic eye to our reception. We are thrilled with the results.
All the Best,

Karen & Andrew Ortolano

I've been meaning to email you to let you know how happy Justin and I are with the photos. Let me just say that we are blown away by them. I initially spent an entire evening with a bottle of wine looking through all of them online. I felt like I was reliving the entire occasion and I was brought to tears, at times! What a stupendous job you did and I can't thank you enough.

-Mia Freiberger

Thank you for an outstanding job photographing our wedding! Everyone is absolutely blown away by the photos they are truly spectacular!! We set up a slide show at brunch the day after the wedding so all the family could get a chance to see them and the vote was unanimous that the photographs really show how exuberant we all were, how gorgeous the flowers and everyone looked and just how unique our wedding was. You really captured the atmosphere so well and there were so many interesting shots ... we could not be happier!! Thank you for totally surpassing our expectations and blowing us away with such wonderful documentation of the wedding!

Rebecca and Aaron Vandiver

(online review): I did a lot of research for photographers, and found Marc to be the very best on paper. After the wedding, I now know why he received so many high accolades. He is that good! From a layman's view, he captured great candid shots of our event. I remember one of my friends started break-dancing, and although it only lasted for 10 seconds, Marc was quickly able to get a few shots in perfectly. He also has a great eye for zooming on the greatest details. It's amazing, really. I also recommend getting a 2nd photographer for the ceremony and reception; they team up very well and will capture simultaneous moments. For example, while Marc was shooting Vicki and I during our first dance, the other photographer got the expression of Vicki's father as he watched us. It was very touching.

Allan Perales (and Vicki Diep)

Wow Marc...our wedding photos are amazing! You are wildly talented. Thank you SO SO much. I can't believe what wonderful memories you were able to capture. Everyone who has seen our pictures is raving about what an incredible job you've done. It is going to be nearly impossible to choose just a few for our book! You were right about the levee pictures. Completely worth the barefoot trek uphill. I love them!

Farrar Langlois

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Marc Pagani A+++
Marc was very professional, and we were very pleased with our pictures. Our posed shots came out beautifully; he gave us some different ideas for some poses, and was eager to work with us on any particular shots we wanted. We were especially happy with the photo-journalism style that he used, and think he did a really great job capturing people in the moment. Everyone that looks at the pictures says that they show what a wonderful time people had at the reception.

My family looked through the photos over Thanksgiving and loved them! You did a great job capturing all of the moments. We couldn't have asked for better memories of the day. I love that you're not in everyone's face, all cheesy. People commented that they didn't even notice the photographer. I don't know how we are going to narrow down the pictures for the album!
Thanks again!

Allison Simon

Marc, I just wanted to thank you SO very much! The pictures were gorgeous! My whole family cannot get over how wonderful they look. You really captured our 20's-40's style! I have sooo many beautiful pictures!! I LOVE IT! Thank you again and Edwin and I will definitely be calling you in the future. Keep up the great work! It was definitely your calling! Have a Merry Christmas!

Jaime and Edwin Hornosky

(online review): Marc didn't take the usual pictures one usually sees but he is a creative photographer who took the pictures we wanted to see ... stylish & fun and that is what he delivered. A great guy, easy to work with. We love our pictures.

Brigette & Patrick

(online review): Marc shot my engagement photos and also my wedding in New Orleans. I lived in MS at the time and was frantic about the entire process, except for the pictures. On NEW YEARS EVE, I emailed him to request information and he emailed me back promptly during his holiday travels. Also as an African American, I was worried that the coloring on my touched up photos would be "off." I have had that problem before. No need to worry with a true professional who is excellent at his craft. However, Marc humored me and sat down with me at his studio and showed me his albums, discussed my concerns, his pricing and packages and I was sold. He also impressed my now husband who came to the appointment with me. Marc's prior work that he showed me and the work he did for my wedding are second to none. He showed up on time and, as others said, was very professional. He was there from beginning to the literal end. He even helped me choose my earrings after the opinions of my makeup artist and sisters weren't enough! He also has quick turnaround and this was before he had the additional photographers working with him. Highly recommended. thanks Marc!

Tianna Raby

(online review on I am so glad we chose Marc to capture the many wonderful moments of our wedding. He was perfect. His demeanor is very professional - he's quiet yet decisive, directing you through your photo shoots with his years of experience. We had him take engagement photos first, to test out the makeup/hair and get to know our personalities. Those photos were excellent, and I think he was even better able to capture our special moments are our wedding after getting to know us. The whole evening was perfect, and he caught every moment of it. From the first time we saw each other, through the ceremony and wedding party shots, through the cocktail hour, dinner, and dancing - he made every moment sparkle with the magic of the evening. With his photojournalistic style, he has a knack for catching the "true" moments - the tender kisses, the sweet looks, even the eye rolls. Everyone looked their best in his photos. I'm so grateful to have such a wonderful collection of photos to remember the best day of my life. Thanks Marc! (from